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Duomo - 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Sale price$266.00 NZD

Chain Size Guide

First, decide how you prefer to wear your necklace, tightly, loosely, or as an exact fit.

Tight fit (45cm/18" or shorter) is recommended when you want a high-fitting necklace that holds the skin tight. These lengths are popular when it comes to thin and lightweight necklaces that appear above the shirt's neckline.

Exact fit (50cm/19.6" - 55cm/21.6") is the best and most popular option for most men. It allows the necklace to fit tightly and naturally around the neck. A precisely fitting necklace falls neatly on the collarbone and provides a small space for it to move. These necklaces can be worn inside or outside the shirt.

Loose fit (60cm/23.6" or longer) is a popular style among men who prefer their necklaces to sit low without restriction. Loose-fitting necklaces are usually worn on the outside of the shirt and often include a pendant or chunky look.
Tip: thin metal chains often look better when shorter in length (and larger necklaces better when longer). If you are in doubt, go with a 50cm / 20" length or another exact fit necklace, as these tend to gather the most compliments.
Produced with 925 sterling pure silver and intricately handcrafted by interweaving silver rings, the Duomo chain necklace enhances any outfit and combination with its timeless design, ensuring it never goes out of style. This handmade Duomo pendant necklace is a popular choice to add distinctive style and personality to a man's attire. Uplift your fashion aura with the enduring elegance exuded by the Duomo silver chain necklace.